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Rubber Expansion Joint

We are manufacturers & suppliers of Rubber Expansion Joint which are made of Neoprene, Elastomer, Natural, Silicon etc. type of Rubbers. The Rubber Expansion Joints / Bellows are available with Singe Arc and Double Arc type with both side Flanges and all types of optional accessories.

Manufacturing Capacity :

Inner Dia. (I.D.) - Upto 2 mtrs.
Working Temperature - Upto 120° C.
Working Pressure - Upto 35 Kg. / Cm².

Application :

Steel Plants ● Cement Plants ● Boiler Plants ● Thermal Power Plants ● Petro-Chemical Refineries ● HVAC ● Environmental Systems ● Chimneys ● Water Pipelines etc.


Rubber Expansion Joint

Flanged Rubber
Expansion Joint

Reinforced Rubber
Expansion Joint

SS Flanged Rubber
Expansion Joint

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