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Fabric Bellow

We are manufacturer, exporter, designer & oem supplier of Fabric Bellows with multi layers Fabrics.

Manufacturing Capacity:
Rectangular - I.D. upto 5 X 4 mtrs.
Square - I.D. upto 4 X 4 mtrs.
Circular / Round - I.D. upto 4 mtrs.

Working Temperature - Upto 12000 C.
Working Pressure - Upto 2 Kg. / Cm2.
Flow Media - Any type.

Fabric Layers we use :
Silicon Coated Glass Fabric  PTFE Foil Glass Wool Ceramic Wool Blanket Glass Wooven Fabric Hi-Silica Fabric Elastomer Coated Nylon Fabric Rock / Mineral Wool PVC Cloth Canvas Aluminized Hi-Silica Compressed Glass Felt Neoprene Viton Ceramic Lump SS Wire Mesh Heat Treated Glass Fabric Virgin PTFE etc.

Profile selection :
Fabric Bellows can be supplied with several alternative profiles which are fitted into the duct systems in various ways, depending on the Temperature, Pressure, Dust Loading and Site Conditions.
  • Standard Profile-I & Profile-II for the medium temperature (100oC) and pressure (+200 Wg.) application.

  • Modification of Profile-II is Profile-III for dust laden condition incorporating internal sleeve.

  • Profile-IV is for high temperature (200oC-400oC) & pressure (500 mm. Wg.) applications.

  • Profile-V is a modification of Profile-IV incorporating sleeve for dust laden media.

  • Profile-VI & Profile-VII for higher temperatures (400oC-1000oC) & pressure (+1000 Wg.) applications with telescopic sleeve (VI) accommodate greater movement and floating sleeve (VII) for heavy dust laden media.

Application :
Steel Plants Cement Plants   Boiler Plants Thermal Power Plants Petro-Chemical Refineries HVAC Environmental Systems Chimneys Water Pipelines etc.

Rectangular Fabric Bellow

Circular Fabric Bellow

Square Fabric Bellow

Round Fabric Bellow

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